Welcome to Forest View

We didn’t even know this house was called Forest View.  A card for the previous owners arrived this Christmas and that was how they addressed it. Whether it’s the actual name of the house or an affectation from the people we bought it from in October 2016, it does have a view of the forest, so the name is fitting.

I’ve been calling it Catslide house. Because it has a very distinctively shaped roof with a catslide.

catslide roof is a roof that continues down below the main eaves height and allows you to have a greater depth of building without increasing your ridge height.

But Forest View has a sylvan, quaint feel that suits this place so I’m adopting it.

This is a deceptive house. It has the appearance of a late 19th Century Art and Crafts style cottage but it was actually built in the 50’s. In some ways that’s the best of both worlds, charm and character but with modern amenities. In other ways it is a massive pain as things get compromised for appearance. Not least the construction, it has solid 9″ walls with no cavity insulation. The house’s position within the plot is a real nuisance too, the front of the house is at the side of the plot and access is a struggle. But we are lucky that its somewhat of a blank canvas with no imposing features so dreadful they’d be insufferable to live with in the short term.

From the moment we moved in we started to make plans for how we’d reconfigure, modernise and extend to make it work for our family. There are only three bedrooms and the third is a classic tiny box room. The kitchen and lounge diner aren’t a bad size but poorly laid out for family life. We also have a conservatory nearing the end of its useful life, while leaky it’s given us much-needed floorspace while we’ve been formalising our plans. The kitchen and bathroom are both badly configured, dated and falling apart. I’d rather buy a house with kitchen and bathroom in obvious need of replacement than pay an uplift for newly refurbished ones that aren’t how I’d do them. We also have a useful but badly positioned laundry store.

In a future post I’ll include the floorplans and photos of the house as it stands.


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