My At Home Spotify Playlist

I call this playlist “At Home” because to my ear it is the perfect collection of mellow, comforting songs that lend themselves to accompanying time spent relaxing erm… at home.

When I listen to this playlist it’s one of the only times I ever use the shuffle function as I usually can’t stand that. Generally, I prefer to listen to an album in the order the artist intended it to be heard or curate a playlist with an intentional sequence of tracks. But because I’m constantly adding to this one, often a couple of tracks by the same artist at a time, it is better to listen to it at random. Plus they all flow together in any order.

All of these songs are different colours but in the same tone. I experience chromesthesia whereby heard sounds automatically and involuntarily evoke an experience of colour. For me, this playlist has a muted hue. Different shades of teal, mauve and ochre but all with the same low-level saturation. Which is exactly how I envisage our interior will be one day.

An artist who features heavily here is Solange. I’ve always been a massive Beyonce fan but have discovered her sister’s music more recently and I play her non-stop. Beyonce’s bold, in-your-face easily accessible style is a big contrast to Solange’s more solful, pared-back, subtle vibe. But they share the ability to create melodic, moving music that gets under your skin. I love her lyrics, the production, her collaborations and the musicality of her songs. If you’ve not heard her album A Seat At The Table then I urge you to check it out.

Solange - a seat at the table

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